TIL How to Be Shamelessly Productive

  1. The first step is to be aware of the problem (which is not you!)— if you’ve reached this stage, you’ve already made great progress 👏
  2. Instead of getting many things done, focus on a few important and meaningful things (read: deep work) 📝
  3. Break big goals into smaller, manageable chunks, and feel good about getting them out of the way 🍕
  4. Just get started with whatever it is that you’ve been putting off (We expect motivation to lead to action, but it’s the other way around) 🏁
  5. Forgive yourself for not finishing everything that you had planned to do; cutting yourself some slack is an act of self-love 💜



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Aishwarya Verma

Aishwarya Verma

I like poetry, philosophy and fridge magnets.